I love Schtuff!!!!

Anyone who really knows me,  and has had the pleasure (ahem) of being in my home is very aware that I LOVE stuff.  But I started thinking when is it ever too much?  I mean seriously I’m buying shelves for storage and yet they then are instantly filled up with more stuff…………it has to stop……..no really I mean it……..honestly.

In an effort to find good homes for  my beloved stuff I opened a new Etsy store.  I called it Lulu’s Shabby Frippery and I invite you to check it out,  if only for you to see some of my favourite vintage goodies…….sigh how I wish I could keep it all,  but honestly that tv show hoarders has scared me a little,  really I am that bad for accumulating schtuff.

So other than being excited for my new shop,  I’m currently working on a custom little critter that is taking me longer than I had expected but when he is done I promise I’ll share him here.

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