Waaaaaaaaaaa Excited!!!!!

Okay so first of let me apologize for my lack of news,  but I have a really good excuse I swear……….WE ARE MOVING!!!!! gaaaaaahahhhahaaaa!!!!!

Yup that’s right no longer will I be able to say “Rockford home of the sock monkey and me”  (and I really did like to say that) as I will be in Boston instead.  so  I’m going to have to think of something clever involving tea parties and beans……….Ooooh it’s not every day you read a sentence with clever and tea parties in it,  in fact that may be a first.

So yeah thankfully the fripperies have been selling well (less stuff to pack) and I am also ebaying a lot of stuff to not have such a hellacious move……..but as I explained last post I have A LOT of stuff ,  I have started the wrapping and packing part but I’m living in box city here and the critters are hating it.

I’ll keep you posted on the exciting part of moving and setting up but I’m going to be even slower on the updates (is that even possible I hear you ask).

Aaaaaaah look out Boston there’s going to be a critter invasion very soon.

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