More computer game geekery and Etsy finds

I think I had the idea for a pacman mobile when I first made a Mario………and that’s a long time ago. I just never was really sure how to construct it. Anyway I figuered I’d quit procrastinating over it and get on with it and here is my first prototypepacman mobile    pacman mobile

So the idea is that pacman is gobbling up the white balls trying to get to the power cherries but Pinky and Blinky are fast on his trail. I’m going to add it to the shop and see what the response is. I like mobiles so I’ll probably come up with some other new ones before the Craftacular.

etsy finds

etsy finds

In other news I’m an Etsy find for today……….yaaaaay they like Claude the stinky lil’ skunk………….how exciting. Thanks to Karencrafts for letting me know and forwarding me the email with Claude featured.

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  1. emily Says:

    congrats to Claude and his maker!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Emily, I am pretty excited about it.

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