Loads of news

Yup, tons going on over here in stabby land. First of let me introduce you to Chester

chester the fox chester the fox

Yup a brand new critter to add to the shop, which is brilliant because the good news is I have been selected to take part in the Valentine Craftacular at the High noon saloon in Madison on the 9th of February…………yaaaaaaaaaaaay I’m going to be very busy for the next couple of weeks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

My other news is the very sad news that the Glitter Workshop in Madison is closing…. Sad day, but the good news is that Naomi is expecting an ickle baby so it makes sense that she can no longer expend all the energy it must take to run such a fabulous store, congrats on the bubba Naomi and Jerome I just wish I had discovered you sooner.

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