New luvvies

I’ve gone on a bit of a sewing kick…….I’m thinking of lovely Valentine’s day goodies for the shop.  luvvies    luvvie mobile

Individual hearts or heart mobiles.  I’m thinking of making love bugs and other needle felted luvvies to go with the theme,  so we will see what else I come up with.

I got my EKRA cat rug this weekend and I absolutely love it.  This is how it should lookekra rug

But this is pretty much how I get to see it

lewis loves ekra

So I guess it gets Lewis’s the Himalayans stamp of approval.   It’s ironic that originally I wanted EKRA to make the rug with a Himalayan cat on it good job I didn’t cos’ now I have both.

2 Responses to “New luvvies”

  1. emily Says:

    Holy man! That little kitty grew up to be a big boy!!! Glad you both like it!

  2. admin Says:

    You know he’s still only 6 months old…………..he’s a monster in every sense of the word : )

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