A first for me

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely woman to make her a pink panther……..yaaaaaay I thought….. but it was not that simple. You see the pink panther she wanted me to make had to be compatible with this bed spread


Hmmmmmm…………..now this was slightly tricksy as my pink wool roving is very pink and my original pink panther (the one she saw and fell in love with) would clash horribly with this duvet………what to do, what to do……..hmmmmmm

Well at first I thought it can’t be done……….then I though hang on, how dumb am I? (don’t answer that) That’s what etsy is for and after a couple of days of trawling through listings for pink roving I found the perfect hand dyed pink roving from Hanks in the hood.

pink roving So it has a lot more fuschia and magenta tones than my bubblegum pink roving and anyway long story short here he is the pink panther Alison’s pink panther……

pink panther pink panther

So what do you think? good match for the bedding or what? It brought back my old working days of Skynear and Co where I had to help customers pick the colour schemes of sofas and wall paints (and everything else in their home). Anyway it was fun to have the additional challenge and I’m glad he worked out so well.

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