As you can see I’ve gone mad!!!!!

It snuck up on me quite unexpectedly……..there I was making little snowmen and santas, when an overwhelming urge to make Snoopy overcame me. Why does that make me mad? Well it doesn’t, except that instead of the little Snoopy I had in mind he grew and grew into this guy. He is huge. I think I may have been rebelling against making the little guys for so long. But anyway I guess it means I have to order more wool as he really decimated my white wool supply.

snoopy    snoopy

OOOOooooh order more wool….I think I may have had ulterior motives the whole time. Yummy, yummy new wool.

In other news the lovely Ekra recently had a blog contest to win a goodie for posting on her blog…..and I won!!!!! yaaaaaaay.

ekra                ekra
I love my goodies, and the card is well cool she is so creative, I would never think of using a map as a card I guess that’s why she is a crafting superstar. Anyway thanks again Emily. It got me thinking blog contests are cool…… stay tuned while I consider this possibility……..ooooh aren’t I a tease?

3 Responses to “As you can see I’ve gone mad!!!!!”

  1. emily Says:

    awww shucks…. you’re welcome and i’m glad you like your goodies! thanks for playing in my blog giveaway game!

  2. clothmatters Says:

    Snoopy is awesome!

  3. admin Says:

    I love snoopy I’m glad you do too ; )

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