Celeste the house elf

I thought I’d share a work in progress with you today……..

Meet Celeste

celeste   celeste

If she looks a little grumpy that’s because she always is a little grumpy…you see Celeste is a house elf and boy does she hate her job.  I’m not sure why she hates it so much…I mean it’s not as if she takes care of any of the cleaning or organising or well, anything useful in the home.  Her favourite thing to do is to hide all the pens and pencils so that when you have that random thought or insightful flash you can never find one….it’s certainly won’t be found by the pad at the phone she is a professional afterall.

The real reason for Celeste’s grumpiness is that she longs to be the Christmas fairy on the top of the tree at Rockerfeller center but this can never happen……you see Celeste is part water sprite and part Cornish pixie not exactly the required pedigree of the Christmas fairy ….but she excitedly fills in the application form every year,  you know when the rejection letter arrived by all the cut strings on your teabags……..ah well maybe next year.

I still have to finish a lot of detail on Celeste’s wings, face and feet……..but I’d just thought I’d share what I’ve been up to.

2 Responses to “Celeste the house elf”

  1. clothmatters Says:

    Celeste is a great looking Christmas fairy.

  2. admin Says:

    She’s a bit like me through the Christmas season………a bit grumpy ; )

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