Front page frenzy

Yipppppeeee I made the front page of etsy yesterday……….what do you mean you don’t believe me look for yourself,


How cool is that? The funniest thing is I didn’t sell any of the ball ornaments, but the orders for Marios and Yoshis were coming in thick and fast…. it was awesome, many thanks to Humblebee for selecting me for her front page treasury.

I can’t wait for Christmas. I bought a fantastic papier mache sculpture from MissBeahavin yesterday. I just couldn’t wait for Mark to order it (I am so scared that all my favourite etsy things will be gone in the mad Christmas rush) but of course he is going to make me wait for Christmas till I open it………waaaaaa

But at least it encouraged him to get on with ordering stuff for me……..He went through all my faves on etsy and bought me a selection……..I’ll show you what he chose after Christmas, as I don’t know (he opened his very own etsy account)

In other news Nick (raisinlikes baby) finally headed to his mummy this week. I thought I’d share his completed look with you

nick     nick

I was very pleased with how he turned out…….he was much triksier than I had anticipated so he was a brilliant challenge hopefully Sharona is impressed.

Remember and shop local this holiday season and buy handmade…….and if you are in the Madison area then I hope to see you at the Glitterworkshop 920 E. Jonnson street at 2.00

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