My kind of town

Chicago is…….especially at Christmas time, despite the sub zero temperatures……….brrrrrrrr.

I love the holiday windows, and grumpy shoppers on crowded streets I find the atmosphere essential for me to get ” Christmassy”

and speaking of holiday windows check out the Apple store on Michigan Avenues

apple window

How cool is that? The apple store was great (hardly surprising) I played with the i-phones (drool) for ages and put on every free monitor………teehee.

Then we went to look at the Christmas tree at Daley Plaza and of course the Christkindlmarket was open. If you have never heard of this market let me fill you in a little. It’s a little open air German-style market with handmade ornaments, accessories, clothing all very much in the folk art style. I got the cutest little hedgehog made from individualy hand carved twigs and a moomin troll that walks………..I’d love to share these with you but we all get to wait till after Christmas for that as my hubby has them all wrapped under our tree………….boooooo. Anyway here is the tree at Daley Plaza

tree at Daley Plaza

We also attended the Renegade holiday Craft fair and I got lots of goodies (again already wrapped under the tree) Let’s just say that this year I certainly have held up my pledge of buying handmade this holiday season. The place was packed, the Renegade folk certainly know how to promote a show.

And I just had to show you these pictures Raisinlike sent me of her babies together…………the nicks

I think they look like brothers. It’s nice to see one of my critters in their new home, and I know Nick much prefers Israel to the Mid West, he was far too cold here in his little shorts.

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