Overly excited!!!!!!

Yup I am ……Why?  Because every day is getting closer to the new Harry Potter movie……………waaaaaaaa I can’t breathe I am so excited about it…..  which is why I managed to buy too many tickets for it on fandango today.

It was entirely my fault,  I got the email saying the tickets were now available in my area so I booked 2 for 10pm wednesday……then I thought…. hang on I wonder if there is a midnight show on Tuesday/Wednesday morning and sure enough there was …………ooooooops.  So of course I have to see it as soon as it’s out so I guess we will see it 2 days in a row yaaaaaaaaay……. I mean dang.   And I have brilliant seats to see it at the imax theatre in Chicago on the 15th very back row score.  It has to be better than when we saw goblet of fire on the imax in DC’s air and space museum and were very front row,  good god that hurt my neck 2hours of looking up hurts.

Anyway yes I am Harry Potter obssessed so I can’t wait…….

On another creative note I made Willoughby the Walrus


Do you like him?

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