Viva Las Vegas


So I am back from the fantastic Las Vegas………..Viva indeed. I love that place, there is always something going on there and the atmosphere the place exudes is fantastic, the gamblin’ and the drinkin’ are of course added bonuses. Don’t let the piccie fool you though, I really wanted a cool piccie of the chips so I think I had that amount for about 20 mins in total before it went right back to the casino.
We went to the Grand Canyon for a night too, after spending just 5 minutes there it’s not hard to understand why the Indians believed in spirits of the air and earth etc……the place just takes your breath away


They have been reintroducing condors to the canyon for the last 10 years or so and to see these beautiful birds soaring high over the canyon is truly awesome…….in every sense of the word. The pic however shows a raven basking on a precipice the condors were to quick for me and my incredibly slow camera.

We went pony trekking through the forest and were lucky enough to see coyote…..cowboy saddles are rough on the knees though and I was glad to get off my horse Shotgun after the 2 hour trek.

So I am very sad to be back, although one more night of buffet could have finished me off for good so it’s probably for the best.

In crafting news I’m craftacular……….yaaaaaay. I was incredibly lucky to be selected for the Craftacular fair in Madison. I am thrilled about this but incredibly nervous, I always feel unworthy when placed with crafty types, I can’t explain it properly but I start to question everything I do……like I have no packaging and proper sales stuff, oh and my business cards suck so I feel inferior…………sigh I guess I have to get over it. Anyway I’m going to be busy, busy, busy as I want to make loads of stuff for the 2 day event.

I finished a new critter…….

Odie Odie

It’s Odie………Garfield was just looking to content here without his annoying buddy.

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