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The birds and the bees

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

No not that kind,  this isn’t school afterall.  I am of course talking about this kind………

cardinal  bee box

The lil’ bee is a new pocket critter… I also made ladybirds or lady bugs as you Americans call them


So I will add these to the shop soon……..

The lil’ cardinal came about because of my obssession with making peepers (which are a bit Easterish) I want to make Jays and Robins and maybe crows as well,  they are called tweeters and are for year round enjoyment yaaaaaaay

I had such a great time at Anthology this weekend doing my demo (thanks to everyone who stopped by) and  I was hit by inspiration while I was there,  hopefully I will have something to show you soon but it’s a surprise………..ok a hint then…..hmmmmm think farmer’s market,  does that help?

Oh Brother

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Yaaaaaay it’s here

sewing machine

Oh I hope I can work it…….I mean it looks simple enough (famous last words right?) it did come with a reasonably thick manual which I am going to force myself to read, not an easy task for me as I hate instructions. I am one of those people that only looks for the instructions after I’ve already snapped something whilst trying to work it out for myself first……..yup manuals are for losers that’s my motto. Oh I just really want to go and play with it……………no must resist and at least glance at manual first.

And in other great news they are Back

New kids on the block

and still hot. God I have to get the album and go to the shows and buy the posters oooooh it’s just like being 14 again but with less spots……..well maybe not less spots but you know what I mean.

Oh and don’t forget (look in the basket)

My needle felting demo this Saturaday at 1.00pm at  Anthology, 218 State Street in Madison WI. at 1.00pm so if you are in the area I’d love for you to stop by and watch the stabby stabby in action.

You Dirty Rat!!!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

well no not you …..and actually not Bogart either, he’s actually a really clean little guy (for a rat) here he isBogart   Bogart

Bogart is obsessed with old movies particularly ones with his main man Humphrey Bogart, this is due to the fact that Bogart was raised in an old midnight movie theatre. He believes that all sad moments can be alieviated with a “here’s looking at you kid” quip.

So if you are looking for a buddy to share your love of classic movies and popcorn…….Bogart’s your guy he’s already listed in the shop
I also got the greatest ever Etsy purchase ever (so far ; )  A custom made stamp from terbearco.

stamp   stamp

It’s absolutely brilliant……you just give them what you want made into a stamp and they make it exactly.  I have been stamping everything…….it sure beats having to write it out everytime.  I’m getting another one made as we speak and I want like 40 others made as well.