Wanna get lucky?

OOOOoooooh haven’t you got a filthy mind?    please raise it from the gutter please,  then I can show you what I was referring too………

It’s a hanging Chinese lucky cat I made by special request.    I won’t lie to you…….I LOVE how he turned out,  the whole time I was making him I was mentally thinking …….ooh I am going to keep him,  I want him for me  (has anyone else noticed that I am getting much worse for this?…….hmmm).   Well anyway he will have a very happy home and I feel that he will indeed bring good luck to his new owner Katie.

Last weekend I did the handmade market in Chicago and it was brilliant…….and I think I have finally fixed my booth errors of the previous weekend,  well what do you think?

I was much happier with how it looked,  but I realise I need a new tablecloth…….(the one I have is horible, and it wrinkles if you so much as look at it never mind fold it)  Anyway it was a fantastic show,  and the other vendors were all super nice  and it made me mega certain that I want to do many, many more.   I also got an excellent commision that I can’t wait to make and show you………needless to say it’s something I should have made a very long time ago……..doh!!!!

Thank god for requests it means my brain switch can return from the off position.

7 Responses to “Wanna get lucky?”

  1. emily Says:

    I LOVE THE LUCKY CAT!!!! So so sweet!

    I can’t really tell from your photos what is wrong or fixed about your booth – they are too far away. But it looked nice in both that last two photos!

  2. Lulu Says:

    Thanks Emily, I want him for me so bad…………so sad ; )

    Well the last time I had two shelf parts at the back of the table and they were really, really tall……so I sawed down the legs to make them eye level and just used one which gives me a lot more room on the table………I also like my schtuff layout more too as last time I really demonstrated the chaos theory in my display this time it was much more logical and “placed” it made me happy to look at ….unlike last time

  3. Naomi Says:

    I agree, I love the lucky cat!! So the show went well?? I had done it a few years ago without much success, but maybe they are promoting better?

    The booth is great… I am constantly trying to improve mine, with little luck!

  4. emily Says:

    arranged by “lulu logic” i’m sure!! 🙂

    yes, i would have a really hard time parting with that lucky cat too. i think you should defintely make another one or ten or hundred!

  5. Lulu Says:

    Thanks Naomi, the show was kinda quiet but I still managed to do ok……..and the other vendors were mega nice and all bought from me too yippppppeeee

    Lulu logic exactly Emily…..hehehehhhheeeee I like it

  6. Katie Says:

    Hehehehahahaha!!! The lucky cat is all MINE!!!
    And now I guess it’s no longer a secret that I love to follow your blog! haha. What can I say… I’m a stabby fan:)

  7. Lulu Says:

    yaaaaaay for stabby fans

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