California Dreamin’

on such a winter’s day…..I sure am.   Aaaaaah I can’t wait to be somewhere a little warmer,  with skies that are a little bluer,  and where I can have a relaxing couple of weeks hanging out on the beach……..sweeeet and while I am out there it’s our 10 year wedding anniversary…….anyone know what the 10 year gift is?  I am keeping my fingers crossed it’s diamonds……teeeheeee just kidding Markie.

I figuered I’d leave you with a new critter to enjoy (told you I’ve stuck to my resolution)  while I am gone,


his name is Blair and he is a very ambitious little critter.  He dreams of fame and fortune and believes he could make for a great spokesperson……..he actually got a toothpaste company’s endorsement but unfortunately he ate his manager……’s not Blair’s fault,  he was starving and the onsite catering at the shoot was not to Blair’s liking…….far too many vegetarian choices.   So while he looks for a new manager and campaign (he has his eye on being the Credit Lyonnais lion for the Tour de France)  care too look after him? 

I’m going to add Blair to the shop of course, but I won’t be shipping anything out till after I get back from San Diego……….not that I want to even think about coming back yet……….eeeeeek I can’t wait to be on holiday.

2 Responses to “California Dreamin’”

  1. emily Says:

    Oh! I love him!

    Have fun on your trip!!!

  2. Lulu Says:

    thanks Em, I am so excited to go………..yippeeeeeeee

    see you when I get back for Anthology crafting and drinkies ; )

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