One fish, two fish….

I’ve been trying to come up with new critters for the critter boxes,  when it struck me…….

fishies fishyfishies

The ultimate low maintanance pet………goldfish.  They’re kinda fun to make with the big eyes and lips.

This weekend is going to be great,  we are going to Madison to stay for the weekend.  Staying at the fancy schmancy  Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club to boot.  We decided to stay as The Detroit Cobra’s are playing the High Noon late Friday night,  and there is nothing worse than driving the hour drive back to Rockford when all you want to do is sleep.   Plus it will be great to just  get up and walk to the farmer’s market (our first one of this year…..kinda shocking).

So eek I can’t wait roll on Friday………yippppppeeeeee

2 Responses to “One fish, two fish….”

  1. Katie Says:

    So cute! Love those goldfish! I think I may need one on this xmas tree this year (because I’m already thinking about xmas). Glad you’re back to blogging, enjoy your weekend. ~Katie

  2. Lulu Says:

    waaaaaa Christmas……..good grief Katie it’s not even July yet!!!!

    Glad to be back, thanks for reading

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