Love is in the air….

So we are already into the 2nd week of 2012……..good grief time really flies doesn’t it?  It seems like only a moment ago I was stabbying away on santas and snowmen and now the cutie hearts are here

Their timing really couldn’t be any better as tomorrow is my thirteen year wedding anniversary………phew 13 years,  if that doesn’t give you any indication of how quickly time flies I don’t know what does.  Happy Anniversary Markie here’s to many more.

Speaking of lovebirds how cute are these guys?

They are flying squirrels and they love the offerings of my bird feeder……..yaaaaaaaay.  It’s funny though as I couldn’t work out how my bird feeder had lots of seed in it when the sun came down,  and then none in the morning.  Turns out these lil’ guys show up in the night and gorge themselves.  But I don’t mind,  how could I?   just look at the size of those eyes……….aaaaaawwwww.

So tomorrow I am restocking the fabulous Sarida in Roslindale with new crittery goodies,  Betsey the bunny can’t wait to get there

She is a cutie,   and I’ll list the hearts for sale in the shop a little later today.  And now it’s back to stabbying.

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