Summer Time………..Yaaaaaay!!!

Finally It’s here….  and no I don’t mean a blog post.  I’m talking about Summer!!!  Phew thank goodness I thought I was going to be hibernating forever.

So I haven’t blogged in a while and I’ve been up to so much,  like what? you ask.  Well we had a trip to New Orleans which was so fabulous that I didn’t want to leave,  which was kinda odd as New Orleans wasn’t really on my radar of places I wanted to go.

new orleans      new orleans

I new orleans


I can’t even begin to pick out pictures from the trip but these 3 are probably my favourite……I think they capture the spontaneous, happy nature of New Orleans.  It seemed like every corner you turned you were met with some ocular, visual or taste sensation and unlike anywhere else I’ve been (so far) in the USA it really seemed to have had no influence from Britain or Germany in it’s aesthetic…..but that of course is just my take.

I’ve also been enjoying Spring,  and everything that entails………I like gardening!!! Who knew?  certainly not me……..but I’m loving planning and planting and yes even weeding I guess having helpers helps a lot

garden helpers      garden helpers

Actually these guys are pesky garden helpers,  not useful at all unlike my resident best helper ever


He’s awesome,  and apparently lives in my hosta.  Which is brilliant , as one day I had noticed that I had seemed to have encouraged quite a number of slugs with all my planting,  and whilst I was googling slug repellants  my little buddy above was taking care of the little buggers…….what a hero……although as a Scottish person new to gardening it’s weird to think there is snakes in my garden.

So in amidst of all this activity I have been critter creating………….I’ll share soon ; )


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