Back from Portland

But boy do I wish I wasn’t.  Portland was utterlly fantastic,  what a place……tons going on,  fantastic friendly people, great neighbourhoods.  The overall atmosphere there was so great it made me want to move instantly.

The Lovli fair was a lot of fun too.  I met tons of very cool people,  and people genuinely seemed to like my critters.  I realised that I do enjoy being in craft fairs,  and talking about what I do.

The wonderful Diane Gilleland of the church of craft and DIY workshop was one of the organisers of the lovli fair.  She has a really cool blog all about crafting at and my critters get a mention,  which is thrilling.  I also am the featured artist at  So all in all it’s been a fantastic week.  I’m exhausted now though,  and feel like I could sleep for a week.

I’ll post piccies of the trip soon.

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