Piccies of Craft Fair

So I finally downloaded my camera worth of piccies and can show you my little table at the lovli fair.


I got really lucky with my placement, I snagged the corner so could commander all the window space for my pillows and kits. I had made a felt banner saying stabbies that I swagged above my table…..and I was really happy with how it looked.



me and my critters.
So I had a great time at the fair and loved the two women I was placed beside. The rather raunchy gothfox http://lov.li/users/gothfoxdesigns who makes pasties……they were awesome and fun. And noxenlux http://lov.li/users/Noxenlux her hats were gorgeous and she even made some while at the show. I love to see people making stuff at craft shows, it makes it so much more personal when you can see how much work goes into the craft.

So I am readjusting to being back in Rockford after Portland. So unfair…….I wish I had a million dollars, I am pretty sure Portland would be my top pic of where I’d want to live……Portlanders (if that’s what you call yourself) please know I am so utterly jealous of you I could spit…….and I hate spitting.

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  1. clothmatters Says:

    I adore all of your needle felted critters. Great work from a talented artist.

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you so much I just checked out your blogspot and your work is gorgeous, so I am unbelievably flattered that you like my work. Thankyou

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