I’ve become obsessed

With my etsy store. I am serious, I find myself constantly thinking of things to put in there just to make it look cool……I am not even thinking about wether or not it sells (really, I swear).

I think it’s because earlier this week a lovely etsian named Onama http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=54355 very sweetly made me a banner. I think she felt sorry for me and my pathetic effort for a banner…..but anyway I love it, have you seen it yet? shame on you if you haven’t quick take a peek I’ll wait here…..

http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5096861. So what do you think?

Well as I said I love it and it has become a goal to get as many people to see it as possible, which of course means lots of cool stuff for the store. So on that note what do you think of my mobiles?

chickee mobile  chickee mobile

The chickens are made from felt and are all hand stitched………gawd I need a sewing machine, they took ages to make. The little eggs are of course needle felted from Corridale wool roving. They look pretty sweet.

I also put my mice to good use..

micee mobile  micee mobile

So I am loving my mobiles. And can’t wait to put them in the store.

On another happy note, I heard from Took Gallagher via email. Took owns a gallery in the Detroit area called the Dancing Eye Gallery, and was letting me know she had received some of my stabby critters for her art-o-mat machine. Now this is unbelievably cool for 2 reasons……..number one being Took is the only art-o-mat artist that I have ever bought 2 boxes of from the Madison machine…….I love her Juniors they are so cool. And number 2 ……Detroit area yaaaaay My critters are travelling further than I thought they would. Yaaaaay it’s gonna be a critter invassion.

Anyway Took has a myspace page that shows her work and the work of other artomat artists check it out it’s pretty cool…


If you have a myspace page I’d add her as friend. I of course don’t have a myspace page as I find myspace scary and creepy. And I also don’t like it’s connection to Rupert Murdoch and Fox, but then that’s just me.

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