Happy Halloween

To all you Ghouls out there…….mwah, haha.

I have been enjoying looking at all the Halloween bedecked homes around the neighborhood,  that is something we never did in Scotland.  Oh sure we would get dressed up and go guising around the neighborhood……..but we didn’t just get to shout trick or treat for sweeties (candy) oh no we had to ask whether the family wanted a joke  a song or a magic trick and you had better have something for each one or no pennies for you!!!!  We also would Dook for aiples which consisted of putting apples in a bucket and your hands behind your back and using your teeth to get an apple……..this was considerably tricky if you had a deep bucket but it was said to ensure good luck for the year if you got one.  I highly recommend going first in this endevour as the water and apples were a bit gross after a few goes.  So anyway I figured I would share a little guy I made just for me……

I figuered he was the perfect Halloween acessory,  how can he not be he is the sorceror’s apprentice afterall!!!  I think I just needed to take a time out from craft show crafting and I really enjoyed making him,  although there is no way I’d ever make Disney stuff for my Etsy store (Disney is waaaaaay to scary to mess with).

I also got a request for an elk critter box this week……….what do you think?

elky  enough?

So have a spooky Halloween y’all!!!!  I mostly intend to watch ghost hunters live on the sci fi channel with all the lights out and eat pizza tonight……..what are your plans?

5 Responses to “Happy Halloween”

  1. emily Says:

    jokes and magic tricks? scotland halloween sounds lame! when i was a kid, i’d go out, get a huge bag of candy and make myself sick by eating most of it that night. yum! i used to hate those people that gave out pennies. but, if anyone comes to my door tonight, they’ll get pennies because we don’t have any candy for them.

    cute elk!

  2. Lulu Says:

    Yup everyone knows in Scotland it’s Hogmany we put out all the stops for : D

  3. emily Says:

    if you do a really job, do you get some haggis?

  4. emily Says:

    i meant if you do a really GOOD job…

  5. Lulu Says:

    a really job???!!!???? are you heckling me on my blog? and no you get haggis in January for Burns night…….otherwise it’s like eating thanksgiving dinner in July

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