Monday again?

Wow this past week when flying by……..good grief!!!!  Seriously on Monday I blinked and it was Friday already.  I did manage to get done with another critter though

It’s Bob the reindeer and I can’t wait to hang him up at my craft show booth……I’m sure he will be an attention getter.   And yes you read right I said hang up at my booth… see we found a brilliant shelving unit abandoned at the trash by one of my non recycling neighbours so Markie spent Sunday afternoon hacking it up…….which did make me feel a little guilty but hey it was going to be trashed anyway right?

And thanks to the etsy forums (crafters are so helpful)  I have a plan to attach the posts to the table and have a hanging back display for my mobiles and critters………yaaaaaaay so much better than keeping my fingers crossed that the venue has a low ceiling or hooks in the wall.

2 Responses to “Monday again?”

  1. emily Says:

    Good thing Mark has his cast off so you can put him to work!

  2. Lulu Says:

    damn right!!! ; )

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