Remember ….

I told you I got a brilliant commission when I was at the Handmade Market in Chicago?   Well I ‘ve finished him and figuered I’d let you guys see him…..


I think he’s so cool……and he has made me think about more smaller guys too.  I don’t know why I haven’t made a black santa before?  It seems so obvious when someone asks you to make something,  like a lightbulb literally goes off over your head…….”why of course…….why hadn’t I thought of it before?”  Anyway I hope the lovely couple in question like him.

And in the stabby world I’m just stabby, stabby, stabby.  Trying to have enough stuff for all the various upcoming shows and stores for the holidays……..I can’t wait to show you the guy I’m currently working on,   he’s awesome ……even if I do say so myself *blush*

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