I’m a Loon……

Not that this is a surprise to you (or me for that matter)  but yesterday I definately took the loony of all loony crowns.  You see yesterday I spent the whole day knitting little scarves for my snowmen ornaments……and I’m not really a knitter but still I love how the wee guys look with real scarves so I reckoned it had to be done.  I finally got finished with this endevour at around 8 o’ clock just in time for project runway yaaaaaaaay.  Oh and incidently what the hell was up with getting rid of Jerell?   How mad was that?  I think he was the best consistantly throughout the entire season and while I wasn’t keen on his wedding dress his bridesmaid’s dress was a trillion times better than Kenley’s monstrosity……..I reckon getting rid of him just makes it easier for them to award Leanne the winner…..but hey that’s just my opinion.

Ok so back to me,  after a whole day of knitting and other tedious household chores (ironing, yuck)  I figuered I was done crafting for the day………..but then I got an idea for a mobile,   well I’ve had it before but it started nigling at me to make it so at 10 o’clock I started making this…

I mean I love how it turned out (although I do want to make a needle felt version too) but we all know I can’t leave a project half done which meant I was still sewing well into the wee hours of the morning………sigh I’m sleepy today……yawn

Still I really wanted to make the mobile to bring it to the  Handmade Market at the Empty bottle in Chicago this weekend although I will also add it to the shop too.

4 Responses to “I’m a Loon……”

  1. emily Says:

    fun! the only that would make that mobile better is if Pac-man was replaced with Ms. Pac-man. I love her game so much more!

  2. Lulu Says:

    Thanks Em……..hmmmm Ms. Pacman you say………..she wears a bow right? I’m sure she will be a possibility : D

  3. Naomi Says:

    I agree about Jerell. I LOVED him. Definately bummed out…. this season kind of sucked a bit.


  4. Lulu Says:

    yup it was sheer craziness……..I definitely think Leanne has been gifted it

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