I learned 3 things this past weekend…..

number one – If you have a little bit of a journey to your craft show, make sure you leave with plenty of time to give yourself as much time for your set up as possible………I thought we had done this but see number two

number two -  Make sure to get really good directions to the venue where your craft show is taking place,  or else you will drive around like a crazy person randomly shouting out the names of the passing cross streets hoping that something sounds familiar,  even though you have never been in the neighborhood ever……whooops

number 3 – I LOVE doing craft shows,   I had such a great experience at Indie in the windy city.  The other vendors were wonderful and the shoppers were fantastic and  it has really left me excited for this weekend at the empty bottle.   Above is a picture of Markie (who was the perfect helper all day thanks Markie) with my booth set up,  I had it set up showing the chaos effect in action,  actually I guess I learned 4 things this weekend….. how not to set up my booth but again see number 2.

So this weekend I am extremely excited to be back in Chicago for

So if you are in the area please stop on by and say hi to me and the critters.

2 Responses to “I learned 3 things this past weekend…..”

  1. Naomi Says:

    Your booth looked great!!! Good luck at the Empty Bottle this weekend.

  2. Lulu Says:

    Thanks Naomi, I need to tweak a few things though…….like the back shelving was just too much, I effectively created an impenetrable wall that meant I couldn’t sit behind my booth and had to sit around the front and keep to-ing and fro-ing to get bags or extra stuff when I made a sale…….DOH!!!!!. I have since sawed the legs down to make it not so high…..aren’t I crafty ; P

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