It’s toad

Making Bub and Bob got me thinking about all my other favourite cute computer game characters which of course inevitably meant I absolutely had to make toad from Mario fame.

Wahooooo is his catchphrase,  it’s also mine as I am full of nervous energy or maybe it’s anticipation for the craft fair tommorrow in Chicago.  I’m pretty much organised as in everything is packed up and ready to go but I keep feeling the need to recheck the boxes…….eeeeek do I have everything?  oh shoot did I remember to put the (insert essential of your choice) in?    I am so freaking out which definately means I need to get much more craft show experience……..oh well at least I am working on remedying the situation right?

So if you are in the Chicago area please stop on by and say hi

Fall Handcrafted Market!!

Saturday, October 4th 10-4p.m.

The New Friendly Towers

920 West Wilson Ave., Chicago

eeeek I am so excited…….

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  1. emily Says:

    Toad is so cute!!!

    Have fun tomorrow!

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