So it’s no surprise….

I mean I already told you I’m a geek right?  Lets face it I’ve  made Mario’s, Yoshi’s, Star wars characters and battlestar Gallactica dogs/cylons and I loved every minute of making ’em.   But these guys I had to make just for me……

So if you don’t know who these 2 bubble blowing dragons are then you just failed the geek test.  It’s Bub and Bob of course…… favourite computer game and computer game characters EVER!!!  They are just so cute and here is the pic I used to create ’em

awwwww aren’t they cute I’ll list them in the shop soon.

So remember this Saturday I’ll be with the critters in Chicago for the Indie in the windy city craft fair and next week we are doing the Handmade Market at the empty bottle in Chicago eeeeeek how exciting 2 shows in a row……..hope to see you there!!!

2 Responses to “So it’s no surprise….”

  1. emily Says:

    i love those guys!!!!

  2. Lulu Says:

    Thanks Em I’m kinda fond of them myself ; ) The real challenge was to try and make them look exactly alike……..pretty tricksy

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