Just had to share this…….

Honestly how mental are cats?  and that really is a rhetorical question………..check out Kirzstie

I’m trying to get ready for the Red Sled Holiday Bazaar practicing setting up my booth and persuading the critters to get packed up (not their favourite part of shows) when Kirzstie decides the table is his new den.  His favourite place ever………and no I may not approach it……….what a pest!!!!  I guess he likes my new table cover as much as I do.

Remember tomorrow  to come see me if you are in the are in the area,  I’m in the main hall booth #38 so you cant miss me and seeing as how we are experiencing our first snow of the season today  (boo) and more expected tomorrow I’m thinking we will be there very early to not risk the roads.

4 Responses to “Just had to share this…….”

  1. emily Says:

    Nice kitty picture!

    Good luck at the show tomorrow!

  2. Lulu Says:

    Thanks Em, I can’t wait I am all excited…….although I think we will have to leave really, really early….pooooo

  3. Karyn Says:

    Your table and display of critters looked great! We bought a couple as gifts and of course one for ourselves! Thanks for your etsy advice. Nice meeting you and all the best for the holiday season!

  4. Lulu Says:

    Thanks Karyn ; ) I’m not sure how good my Etsy advice really is but you are most welcome. Have a great Holiday Season yourself.

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