Lazy Sunday

Well it was for me at least which was very nice as I made Doug

doug   doug

It wasn’t a lazy weekend for my hubby as he raced in all the mud at Rock cut……..I swear he’s nutty

markie bike

However his nuttiness did give me the whole day to organise and craft in peace, so finally I got a package of critters together for White Rabbit. The critters that are making their way to Iowa City are Monty, Stanley and Cyrano……….I think they are very excited to be heading out.

Oh and seeing as how you are here I figuered I’d show you my latest Etsy purchase that I can’t wait to receive


His name is Chuck and he is a sock chicken………how awesome is that!!!!  I’ve wanted him for ages and now he is mine……yaaaaay He’s made by etsy seller Sian Hughes and you should check out her etsy store for other brilliant sock monkeys.   I guess it’s a little odd that I live in Rockford home of the traditional red heeled sock monkey and I’m buying sock monkeys from someone in ther UK……..but hers are just so much better than any other ones I’ve seen………so I guess it all makes sense really,  if you think about it.

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