I guess I’ve been busy

I just wanted to share a new critter with you guys before the weekend………..here she is

Lena   Lena

Her name is Lena, and she of course is going to be available in the shop.

Apparently last night there was an earthquake in Illinois that was felt in Chicago and as far away as St. Louis,  we didn’t feel it in Rockford …..so phew I can still officially say that nothing exciting ever happens here.  Anyway I am still trying to put together a package of critters for White Rabbit Gallery I can’t seem to work out who would be a good fit for Iowa city……although they all want to go. I’m thinking Monty and Cyranno and maybe the love imp……..but this is subject to change at any moment as Jonesie keeps squeeking his displeasure at not being one of the chosen. Anyway have a good weekend………I’m of to ponder some more.

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