So what would you make if you had a whole load of llama roving? It’s probably not something most people have to spend a long time thinking about and neither did I as it seemed kinda obvious to me to make a llama….

abe     abe

I’ve called him Abe in honour of his donor (this is the local llama roving I bought from Unique yarns) and I’m thinking his story is going to be something along the lines of being an artist’s muse or at least a fiber artist’s muse.

Not much else going on here in critter world. We are attending a wedding this weekend so will not be able to go to Madison this weekend………this is so unfair as this Saturday is the first weekend of the outdoor farmers market around the capitol and Ekra and orangeyporangey are going to be doing the street vending on State Street and I was so looking forward to harrassing them………errrr I mean showing them my support……. ahem.

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