The blahs

I’m in one of those blah moods today………you know those days when you really can’t be arsed doing anything but you’ve got a ton of stuff to do so you do it but really slowly? well that’s how my day is going.

It probably doesn’t help my mood much that for the last couple of days it has heaved it down rain, with no sunshine in sight. I’m starting to get really p’eed off with the weather in the Midwest, especially since I know that it’s just gonna go boom…. straight into summer with no warning…..sigh hello humidity. Anyway I don’t mean to moan (honest) I just thought I’d share how my other hanging fruits and vegs turned out

spotty strawbs    peapods

I even listed them in the shop just in case anyone is looking for some hanging fruit and veg on Etsy I have them covered. Alright back to work

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