The answer

Yes I know you have been sitting on the edge of your seat………wondering what the heck I am making next…….and the farmer’s market hint  in my last post was so cryptic right?   Well take that bit from your mouth today is the big reveal…………

vegetables    vegetables

So does it make sense now?  These little wooly treats will have an acrlic loop attached to them and hopefully will be hanging up around Anthology in Madison by this weekend.  I know the carrots must be cute as my husband wants one (gasp) to hang on the rear view mirror of the car (double gasp) which is shocking as he hates stuff hanging of mirrors in cars…  that is what I am working on right now…….well that and critter boxes.  I still haven’t properly played with my sewing machine (so little time) but I am hoping to devote more time to mastering it……perhaps next week

4 Responses to “The answer”

  1. emily Says:

    cute!!! is that lettuce???!?! that one is my favorite! i like his face peeking out from the leaves. now i need my fruits! it’s almost strawberry season!!!

  2. emily Says:

    oooo, i also really like the pea pod!

  3. Lulu Says:

    I’m working on strawberries now………. although these guys might stick in your throat a little ; )

    The lettuce is supposed to be a cauliflower…….hmmmm maybe he needs some finessing

  4. emily Says:

    and cherries!!!

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