Lions and tigers and bears……

Well ok not tigers and bears exactly,  but anyone who knows me does know that  I am prone to over  exaggerate.  And as  we are heading to Vegas in a few weeks (yippppppppppeeeeeeeeeee) it got my mind ticking to the critters of Vegas,  hence the lions and tigers (is anyone capable of thinking Vegas and tigers and not instantly have the image of Roy being mauled or is that just me?)

So anyway I introduce to you Pierce the little white Lion Cub…..

He’s still a little shy but he’s eager to be a big star like his dad, and his dad before him.  He’s really a born performer.

And he will be appearing in the shop today.  Oh and keep your fingers crossed for me as I am on the waiting list for the Diy trunk show in Chicago,  which I am (nuttily) very excited about…… would be great to get in but I am feeling terrible about thinking of apocalyptic diseases that may just happen to  befall the crafters that made it in……….aren’t I terrible?  I promise I do feel guilty though : )

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