Roll on Saturday……

Ok so everyone loves the weekend…….that’s kinda  a no brainer right?  But this weekend I especially love as I’m going to see the rather brilliantly funny Joel Mchale at the Chicago theatre.  I Love Joel Mchale his comedic timing on the soup always has me in stitches, no one can say chicken tatrazini and make me need to weeeeee quite like Joel (in a good way).  And for the longest time I’ve always wanted to see something at the Chicago theatre so this really is a win win weekend…… we are staying at the Palmer hilton hotel for the night so we don’t have to endure the late night drive back to Rockford yaaaaaaaaaaaay life is good.

I have a new critter I’d like you to meet too

THis is Smithy,  and he’s a bit of a scally wag…….he is looking for a forever home though so I will add him to the shop asap.

Have a great weekend.

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