Another new guy…..

Meet CC

He’s called CC for his chubby cheeks ……I think it’s from his constant smiling,  as I’m sure you can tell he’s a pretty sweet guy.  He’s made entirely from alpaca wool which is a lot softer than the corriedale and although this sounds like a silly thing to say more hair like than sheep’s wool which means it requires quite a bit more stabbying.  But as you guys know I love the process so it was fun to work with something different,  makes the ole’ brain have to rethink things to make ideas work……I will of course add CC  to the shop.

I got a super sweet custom order that I’m working on at the moment…….I would give you a hint as to what it is but I think I just did,  I’ll share as soon as it’s done of course.

Have a great weekend

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