Cupcakes and Wonderland…..

Alrighty I told you I was working on a sweet commission and here it is…

A lil’ cutie cupcake…….I couldn’t work out how to do the cupcake paper for the longest time,  I even bought real cupcake papers but didn’t like how it looked………. then at about 2 o’clock in the morning it struck me how to do it,  it was all I could not not to leap out of bed with scissors and felt right then and there but somehow I managed to restrain myself to wait till morning.  I am really pleased with how it turned out especially as I had some pressure on who it was going to,  you see the person who requested it is the incredibly talented doll artist Jen of Nanassisters…….I have been in absolute awe of her chibi juice dolls for a very long time,  they are sooooooo good there isn’t a word for how good they really are.  Take a look at the doll she made for me

and of course I couldn’t have Alice without the Cheshire cat

They are so perfect and wonderful it’s as if they came straight from Wonderland to hang out with us.

Anyway I highly recommend that when you check out Jen’s shop you look through her sold items I promise you’ll be blown away by her talent.

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