It’s Summertime……

It must be as the temps are finally hitting the 90’s here……..I love the sticky hot of summer,  nothing better than sitting outside and getting some rays enjoying an ice coffee or 4, which I guess means you now know how I spent the last week.

Although Connor bounded into our lives in the meantime

He’s a sweet if rather timid lil’ fella and he will be heading to the shop soon.

Meanwhile my head is buzzing with sewing projects……always slightly dodgy for me,  as I always think big when it comes to sewing projects but my skill set is always a damper to my plans.  Regardless I shall be heading of to the fabric store a little later today to purchase the required fabric…..let’s just say lots of red and white pinstripe,  and that’s the only clue you’re getting.  I’m so excited to start but scared of the possible outcome if I can’t follow through on my grandiose plans.

Can’t wait to show you what I’m up to but I’d better get back to it………….

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