Busy in Boston

This Summer has been awesome!!!  Lots of critter love at the Sowa Market has made me giddy with glee (and no I don’t mean the all singing teenybop kind of glee I mean the good ole’ fashioned yaaaaaaahoooo kind.)  I just love meeting all the wonderful people who kindly give a critter a new home…….like Walter’s new mum

Walter sure is one lucky ducky as he is heading of to Florida,  no more cold winters for him.  And I just love how my nut job looked on Katherine

So very cool.   I also have another motivational reason for critter making as critters have a new Boston address,  that’s right you can now find a vast array of them hanging out at Sarida

It’s such a beautiful store and I’m thrilled to have the critters there,  I’ll take a picture next time I am in there as the displays and items really are quite stunning…….I will be there dropping of some new guys on Sunday  as it’s Sowa market weekend again (my penultimate one………doesn’t time fly?) so you shouldn’t have long to wait for a pic.

On the wildlife front check out the size of the Luna moth we encountered hanging out on one of our meadowland walks

Mark put his hand in the picture to give you an idea of the size of him………can you believe it?  I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like him before he was absolutely gorgeous and all fuzzy in the middle………..awwwwwwww


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